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RECOMMENDED FOR: thighs -hips-buttocks-love handles-arms-abdomen. 2-3 treatments weekly. 4-6 weeks may be recommended for some clients. Periodic touch-ups are necessary to maintain or improve results.

BENEFITS inch loss- body sculpting -skin firming and tightening- muscle toning or build- increase core strength- reduces visceral fat- increases circulation and metabolism -cellulite reduction-lymphatic drainage (detoxification)

55 MIN $200
25 MIN $130

Body microcurrent benefits: immediate results up to 3 inches removed from hips the first time; skin/ tissue tightening and body shaping.

Sculpting can be accomplished utilizing the latest technology and training ,microcurrent treatments are a safe, effective, painless, no downtime, no invasive skin tightening alternative to surgical lifting procedures.

Working with the body's own bioelectrical system, microcurrent stimulates the cells to repair the tissues and literally rebuilds the muscles to their optimal form and strength.

The subtle energies of ultrasound and photo- stimulation detoxify, exfoliate and help imporvement of deep wrinkles and inflammation.


As people age, the body's biological current and chemical energy slows down, cellular renewal takes longer and skin cells stop performing efficiently.This leads to multiple skin problems: loss of tone, elasticity and firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging- all signs of aging.

Microcurrent can help reverse this process by re-energizing the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)


Microcurrent technology is a low-level electrical current that mimics the body's own biological current. Despite its low electrical vibration, one millionth of an EMP, microcurrent treatmen is very effective. Iit helps increase protein synthesis, promote waste removal,stimulates healing, regenerate tissue balance free radical damage, boost cell growth and enhance natural collagen and elastin production, provide circulatory benefits and work directly on the nerves and muscle fibers.

Its mild frequency does not stimulate sensory nerves so it is pain free and causes no client discomfort.


The microcurrent body contouring systems are pre-programmed two sets of unique specific frequency signatures that promise to deliver several effects.A primary set of specific frequency signatures are set to a perfect acoustic tune that will stimulate lipolysis and hydrolysis of triglycerides in fat cells (shrinking fat cells). A secondary set of specific freauency signatures are set to elicit intense muscle contractions, yielding lymphatic drainage, detoxification, muscle building, and body toning. The resulting contractions also increase the secretion of catecholamines which helps synergize lipolysis in adipose tissue. The combination of both sets of specific frequencies signatures compose a unique specific frequency signature Harmony which in turn consequently results in immediate inch loss in the treated area.


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